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Blackberry And Bamboo Removal

No one likes to see their property completely covered by invasive species like blackberry bushes and bamboo. While we might like the taste of blackberries or enjoy having some bamboo nearby, invasive garden species deprive other plant life of essential nutrients and can be harmful to your property.

When the time comes to remove bamboo and blackberry bushes from your property, look to us. Over the years, Northeast Landscaping Services LLC has proven itself capable of transforming even the most overgrown and weed-infested properties into works of art.

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Blackberry Bush Removal Made Easy

Blackberry bushes might look attractive in the wild, but on a residential or commercial property, these bushes tend to overtake an area in no time at all. That's why so many homeowners seek out our team's blackberry bush removal services. We make quick and easy work of the weeding process, ensuring we restore your property to its former, bramble-free glory.

The problem with blackberry bushes lies in how quickly their seeds can spread. If not kept under control, these bushes can become a major nuisance. Thankfully, we know how to tackle these invasive berry bushes.

We take a multi-faceted approach to the removal process. We might undertake any combination of the following methods:

  • Cutting the entire bush
  • Pulling out the roots
  • Burning brush
  • Applying safe herbicides
  • Mowing the area
  • …and more

Would you like to learn more about our value-driven weed removal services? Don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

Eliminating Bamboo from Your Property

Eliminating bamboo from a garden is very challenging, but it isn't an impossible task. With the right equipment and the correct approach, we can eliminate any existing bamboo and control the future spread of the invasive plant.

Contrary to popular belief, herbicides and other chemical-based weed control products rarely do the trick for controlling bamboo growth. The rhizomes in bamboo roots are almost entirely immune to these chemicals. To counteract the stubbornness of bamboo roots, we take a more hands-on approach to the bamboo and weed removal process.

Our approach is tackling the bamboo roots with shovels and other landscape tools. Going straight to the source of the problem is the only way to ensure that the bamboo doesn't return any time soon.

Quick Turnarounds on Weed Removal

We remove blackberry bushes and bamboo shoots, and we do so effectively. Not only do we promise lasting removal of stubborn blackberry and bamboo growth, but we also promise quick turnarounds on our weeding services.

You won't have to wait any longer than necessary for us to carry out our handiwork. Being property owners ourselves, we know that you don't want landscapers lingering around your property for too long. We work quickly when we're invited onto a client's property, so the disruption is as short as possible.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation, or to get a quote, give us a call at (206) 228-1292 today. We're confident you'll be impressed by our rigorous landscape and weed control approach.

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